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Seven Habits of Highly Orthodox People

AR: We are fortunate to have with us today Father Vasiliy Vasileivich, Pastor of Saints Boris and Gleb and Vladimir and Olga Russian Orthodox Church in Sydney, Austalia, and spokesman for the Church Overseas of Russian Orthodox Christians or COROC. Father Vasiliy has just published a new book, and has graciously agreed to an interview.

Twitter Feed from an Orthodox N00b

Originally posted in The Onion Dome on August 1, 2009 Just got here – this guy is chanting something but there’s nobody else here Posted 3 hours ago from mobile phone

Greek Restaurateur Taste-Tests Recipes for Tofu Gyros

First posted in the Onion Dome on January 23, 2004. DENVER – In a move which has ramifications and also eweifications for sheep consumption worldwide, vegetarian Greek restaurateur Bud (“St. Romanos the Melodist”) Atheniki drew one step closer to offering tofu gyros in his Denver-based chain of vegetarian Greek restaurants, Athenian Gardens. His three different […]