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Have a Hard Time before Liturgy without That First Cuppa?

THINK GEEK – I get no monetary kickback from this, I just thought it would be a useful thing for my friends and readers who really look forward to that jolt in the morning, and for whom fasting before the Eucharist is a trial. A way to get your caffeine without drinking or eating anything. […]

Tea Fixes Everything

Dear Auntie Ekaterina, I’m sorry to be writing you out of the blue like this, but Mom suggested I ask you for advice. She says it’s “over her pay grade,” but that you’ll be able to help.

A Letter to the Youth Group at All Protestant Convert Saints of North America Orthodox Church

The following letter fell into the hands of the Onion Dome staff. We will not say how. To the servants and handmaidens of the Lord in the high school youth group at All Protestant Convert Saints of North America Orthodox Church:

Orthodox Tattoo Parlor Opens in Iowa

IOWA CITY, IOWA – “It’s hard to be young and Orthodox,” explained Bartholomew (“the mad”) Zybek. “We aren’t supposed to act all cool and sullen, since the fruits of the Spirit are peace, love and joy. We have to love our neighbors, even when they act like toddlers on crack. We can’t get up to […]