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Grocery Stores Report Massive Shortages of “Pharisee Foods” As Orthodox Lent Begins

First posted February 27, 2004 NEW YORK – Grocery stores across North America, Australia, Europe, Western and Central Asia, and Africa are reporting massive shortages of meat- and dairy-free “Pharisee foods” in the days leading up to, and commencing, the Orthodox fasting period known as “Great Lent.”

What Your Priest Does

Priest Faces Criticism over Churching Decision

Please join us in welcoming H. Alethia to the Onion Dome family. Here is her first article. FAWKSWASH, Md. – Allison “Panteleimona” Berry, a newly baptized Orthodox Christian, had been looking forward to her January illumination for about a year. According to her, her baptism fell a bit short of expectations.

Similarities Between Orthodoxy and Other Christian Faith Communities

First published April, 2009. In presenting Orthodoxy to the West, it is important to emphasize similarities between the Orthodox and other Christian faith communities. For those who have a hard time determining what those similarities might be, here is a handy list.