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Woman Ordered to Stop Crafting During Apostles’ Fast

INDIANAPOLIS – A local woman was asked by her priest to refrain from crafting during the Apostles’ Fast. No painting, reupholstering, framing, sewing, crocheting, or knitting allowed.

Even Wordier St. Basil’s Liturgy Discovered

First published September 20, 2002 ISTANBUL – In a discovery which is sure to send shock waves through shock-wave-permeable materials both north and south of the Golden Horn, an unnamed American musicologist discovered the text of an even wordier Liturgy of St. Basil this week in the basement of Hagia Sophia (Church of the Holy […]

Book Review: Faith and Humor

Faith and Humor: Notes from Muscovy by Maya Kucherskaya, translated by Alexei Bayer I’ll admit I was nervous to review this book. Deeply concerned, really. The information sheet included by Russian Life Books mentioned “heated controversy,” “a thoughtful writer takes on sacred cows,” and “burned in effigy by ardent believers.” In fact, before I opened […]

Non-Vegetarian Accidentally Fasts on Fish/Wine/Oil Day

This story orginally ran in the Onion Dome on November 29, 2002 SASKATOON, Canada – In a move that still has him kicking himself, non-vegetarian Orthodox believer Tom (“The Apostle Thomas”) Wilberforce accidentally ate nothing but vegetables on a fish/wine/oil day this past week.