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Debate Over Halloween Leads to Fistfight, Jail for Two Orthodox Believers

This story was first published on November 1, 2002 ROCHESTER, NEW YORK – In a move unprecedented and unexpected this week, Orthodox Christians Tom “The Apostle Thomas the Enlightener of India” Hildebraant and Jim “The Apostle James, Brother of our Lord and Bishop of Jerusalem” Wilkins got into a fistfight outside Hildebraant’s suburban home. “He […]

Orthodox Road Trip

Ask Father Vasiliy

This column first ran on November 5, 2004. Dear Father Vasiliy, My best friend, who is a Protestant, recently gave me an icon which he purchased at a Roman Catholic bookstore. Can I use this icon in my worship? It is a reproduction of Rublev’s “Hospitality of Abraham.” Signed, Worried in Waukegan

0% Off Father Vasiliy Book

EVERYWHERE – We know you. You’ve been sitting at home for years thinking, “You know, I’d love to buy the Onion Dome book Is Outrage! but it’s about 25% too expensive.* If only it would go on sale for 20% off, it would be the perfect gift for a loved one or my own library.” […]