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The Nuns of New Monastery Publish First Book

first published November, 2009 Small Brown Books is pleased to announce that the famous Nuns of New Monastery have published their first book, a guide to selecting and raising cats, titled, The Science of Raising a Kitteh. “We have been rescuing, raising, and training cats for 20 years now,” said Mother Columba, abbess of the […]

New Schism Developing in Orthodox Church

Now that ROCOR and the MP are talking about reuniting, SCOBA continues to talk about unity, and even the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Pope are glad-handing, a new schism is threatening to rock the Orthodox world to its foundations: dog people vs. cat people.

Russian Orthodox Convert Unable to Grow Luxuriant Beard

This story was first run on June 18, 2004 SYDNEY — In a hairy predicament that has beards wagging east and west of the International Date Line, recent Russian Orthodox convert Mac (“Maximos the Confessor”) MacDonald of the of Saints Boris and Gleb and Olga and Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church has discovered he is unable […]

Orthodox Priest Serves Liturgy in Empty Building

Takoma Park, MARYLAND – Father John (“of Patmos”) Johnson this morning served the Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom in a church containing only his wife Matushka Joanna (“the Baptist”) and their three children. The faithful of the Church of All Saints of Middle-Class North America (RumpOA) showed up en masse about ten minutes after the […]