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New Orthodox Game Available for the Holidays! (Or Not)

CHICAGO — If you are looking for a game the entire family can play, and learn more about the Orthodox faith at the same time, look no further than Into the Liturgy. This game is sold by newcomer to the game community Athos Games (tagline: It’s a Mountain of Fun!). The company is currently working […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Dear Father Vasiliy, There were no Babushki today at the Divine Liturgy, but there were some people who were sitting down during the service. Would it be okay for me to remind them of the church’s rules? I’m afraid that if I don’t say anything to them, they might not realize that everybody else is […]

Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

By: Servant Martin the Mad and Handmaiden Anna the Animated (To the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland) Onion domes are a-glistening And the children are listening For troikas in the snow Bundle up if you go Walking in a Holy Russia Winter Gone away is warm sunlight Here to stay is the frostbite […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Fr. Vasiliy Vasileivich is official spokesman for the Church Overseas of Russian Orthodox Christians (COROC), as well as being pastor of Saints Boris and Gleb and Olga and Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. On occasion (when the fit takes him) he condescends to answer questions posed by Onion Dome readers, which […]