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Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

Church in SnowBy: Servant Martin the Mad and Handmaiden Anna the Animated

(To the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland)

Onion domes are a-glistening
And the children are listening
For troikas in the snow
Bundle up if you go
Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

Gone away is warm sunlight
Here to stay is the frostbite
So forget singing songs
Let’s all chant along
Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

In the temple we will light a candle,
Venerate the icons, stand around
Baba’ll ask: You standing? We’ll say: Yes, ma’am,
‘Cause she’ll whack you with her cane if you sit down.

Homilies are long and boring
Some of us are even snoring,
But we’re just fine with it,
‘Cause we can finally sit
Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

You won’t find us belting Bach or Handel,
You won’t hear us singing Silent Night.
So come on in the church and light a candle,
Vladyka’s beard is really quite a sight!

Even though we’re craving chili,
We’ll fast with Father Vasiliy
Just like the babushki
In the Nineteenth Century
Walking in a Holy Russia Winter
Walking in a Holy Russia Winter
Walk-ing in a Ho-ly Russ-ia Win-ter

Copyright © 2012 Martin the Mad. All Rights Reserved.

Photo courtesy of StuckInCustoms (click photo to go to site). Thank you guest writer Martin the Mad (a Facebook friend of Reader Alexis the Also-Ran)


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I live in the Tacoma area. When not writing things some people think are funny, I teach technology to 7th and 8th graders at a local middle school.

One comment on “Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

  1. This was downright splendid.

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