Ask Father Vasiliy

Dear Father VasiliyDear Father Vasiliy,

There were no Babushki today at the Divine Liturgy, but there were some people who were sitting down during the service. Would it be okay for me to remind them of the church’s rules? I’m afraid that if I don’t say anything to them, they might not realize that everybody else is standing.

Hesitant in Houston

Dear Houston,

Babushki have automatic permission to enforce worship practices (please to note these are practices, not rules—we are not having Robert’s Rules of Order because “Robert” is not Orthodox name). All others must get signed and notarized permission from bishop to play worship cop.

Father Vasiliy

Dear Father Vasiliy,

There is a person on Facebook who tries to post funny things about Orthodoxy, and I’m not sure all of them are in accordance with the Rudder. Should I report him to the Facebook authorities?

Friendless in ‘Frisco

Dear ‘Frisco,

Is outrage! Was it Facebook in 19th century Russia? People caught writing on walls in 19th century Russia were made to repaint walls and then sent to bed without kasha. As for Facebook, it should have been clear to you for many months that Facebook is adrift without rudder. It is certainly clear to purchasers of Facebook stock. If you are not liking this person’s posts, unsubscribe or dislike or exfriendify or whatever is correct term. Save complaining to management for things like the hate speech or obscene pictures. You sound like whiny altar boy who has candle taken away for intentionally dripping wax on vestments of best friend. Ah, sweet memories of the childhood.

Father Vasiliy

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2 comments on “Ask Father Vasiliy

  1. Is not outrage! Is funny!

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