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May 31 Saints of the Day – Hermias of Comana and Petronilla of Rome

On this date in 1678, Lady Godiva made the first of her famous bare—um—back rides through the streets of Coventry. It is thought that she rode side-saddle, and the cheers of the onlookers were the origin of the exclamation, “Hooray for our side!” Hermias of Comana (d. 160) served long in the Roman army, but […]

May 30 Saints of the Day – Macrina the Elder and Joan of Arc

On this date in 1631, La Gazette, the first French newspaper, debuted. Like all seventeenth-century newspapers, it lacked a sports section, and for that reason gained readership slowly. Macrina the Elder (d. ca. 340) was a student of Gregory the Wonderworker, early formulator of the teaching of the Trinity that would find its fullest expression […]

May 29 Saints of the Day – Theodosia of Tyre and Theodosia of Constantinople

On this date in 1913, Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” debuted in Paris, provoking a riot. Twenty-seven years later it was used in the soundtrack to a Disney cartoon. Remember this next time you think a piece of music is particularly provocative. Theodosia of Tyre (d. 307) went from there to Caesarea, where (on […]

May 28 Saints of the Day – Heliconis of Thessalonica and Margaret of Salisbury

On this date in 1503, a Treaty of Everlasting Peace was signed between Scotland and England. It lasted ten years. Heliconis (d. 244) moved from her hometown of Thessalonica to Corinth just in time to get caught up in the persecution of Christians. No shrinking violet (or Thessalonican violet equivalent), she began exhorting pagans to […]

May 27 Saints of the Day – John the Russian and Melangell of Wales

On this date in 1927, the Ford Motor Company shut down the assembly lines for the Model T and began retooling to build the Model A. Some historians say the letters U-Z were considered as designations for the new model; others say “B-S.” John the Russian (ca. 1690 – 1730) was born in (what is […]