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July 31 Saints of the Day – Germanus of Auxerre and Ignatius of Loyola

On this date in 1971, Apollo 15 astronauts took the first ride in a lunar rover. The vehicle cost over $38 million to make; understandably, the insurance premiums were astronomical. Germanus of Auxerre (ca. 378 – 448) came from the noblest of noble Gallic families. His father’s name was “Rusticus.” He received the finest schooling […]

July 30 Saints of the Day – Tsotne Dadiani and Peter Chrysologus

On this date in 1962, the Trans-Canada Highway, the largest national highway in the world, was officially opened. It was started in 1941, but some stretches could only be worked on a few days a year, due to snow. Tsotne Dadiani (d. ca. 1260) was the younger son of Shergil, Duke of Mingrelia (Georgia), which […]

July 29 Saints of the Day – Bogolep and Olaf

On this date in 1981, a worldwide television audience of over 700 million people watched the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer. The spectacle replaced “Wheel of Fortune” in many locales, leading to the absurd rumor that Charles said, “I want to buy a vow.” Bogolep the Child Schemamonk (1660 – […]

July 28 Saints of the Day – Irene of Chrysovalantou and Samson of Dol

On this date in 1896, the city of Miami, Florida, was incorporated. Thankfully, many good things also happened on that day. Irene (of) Chrysovalantou (d. 912) was born to wealthy parents (a common theme) in Cappadocia (not as common), and was chosen to be the bride of Michael, son of Theodora the Restora. Irene agreed, […]

July 27 Saint of the Day – Pantaleimon

On this date in 1866, the first permanent transatlantic telegraph cable was completed, stretching from Ireland to Newfoundland. It was a great hit with migratory crabs returning to their breeding grounds in New Brunswick; they previously tended to get lost about five miles this side of Iceland. Pantaleimon (ca. 275 – 303) was born Pantaleon […]