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September 30 Saints of the Day – Gregory the Illuminator and Jerome

On this day in 2004, 600 miles south of Tokyo, the first images were taken of a live giant squid in its natural habitat. A submerged Studebaker. Gregory the Illuminator (257 – 332) was the son of a regicide, but that’s not his fault. When his father Anak killed the king of Armenia in a […]

September 29 Saints of the Day – Cyriacus the Hermit and Dadas, Gabdelas, & Casdoe

On this day in 1979, Pope John Paul II became the first pope to set foot on Irish soil. “Our last Guinness shipment was short several kegs,” he said, “so I’m here to see to it myself.” Cyriacus the Hermit (448 – 557) was born in Corinth to a priestly family, and made reader as […]

September 28 Saint of the Day – Wenceslaus

On this day in 1066, William the Bastard (as he was then called) invaded England, beginning the Norman Conquest. Mostly because he was sick of his moniker, and thought “William the Conqueror” sounded better. Wenceslaus (ca. 907 – 935) (aka Vaclav) was the son of Vratislaus, the second Christian Duke of Bohemia, and grandson of […]

September 27 Saints of the Day – Callistratus and Vincent de Paul

On this day in 1903, steam locomotive “The Old 97” crashed, giving rise to the song of the same name. The driver was a sad case; he had a jones for speed. Callistratus (d. ca. 300) was a native of Carthage, descended in straight line from Neochorus, one of the soldiers who witnessed our Lord’s […]

September 26 Saints of the Day – The Repose of John the Theologian, and Nilus the Younger

On this day in 1908, Ed Reulbach became the first and last pitcher to throw two shutouts in one day (against the Brooklyn Dodgers). Dodgers fans still refer to September 26 as “Reulbach Over and Die” day. The Repose of John the Theologian (ca. 100) refers to that John who, be they all same guy […]