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October 31 Saints of the Day – The 100,000 Martyrs of Tblisi, and Foillon

On this day in 1517, Martin Luther posted 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg. “I don’t care how many theses you write,” his advisor scolded, “you only get one Master’s degree.” The 100,000 Martyrs of Tblisi (d. 1226) were killed by the forces of Jalal ad-Din Migburno, last ruler of the […]

October 30 Saints of the Day – Zenobius & Zenobia and Alphonsus Rodriguez

On this day in 1944, Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” premiered in Washington, DC. Its working title was “Appalachian Autumn,” but it took longer to write than he expected. Zenobius & Zenobia (d. 285) were brother and sister (respectively), brought up in both piety and Aegea. You can find Aegea in Asia Minor. Piety can be […]

October 29 Saint of the Day – Abraham of Rostov

On this day in 1945, the first ball point pen went on sale, a mere 57 years after it was patented. The inventor had lost it. Abraham of Rostov (d. ca. 1037–1077), through no fault of his own, was born Russian, pagan, and with the name “Averkii.” A miraculous cure of some unnamed but severe […]

October 28 Saints of the Day – Job of Pochayiv and Jude Thaddeus

On this day in 1904, police in St. Louis tried a new investigation method — fingerprints. After touching all the evidence, however, they still couldn’t find the culprit. Job of Pochayiv (ca. 1551 – 1651) was born Ivan in Kolumja in Polish Ukraine (or Ukrainian Poland) (or both). He teethed on the lives of St. […]

October 27 Saints of the Day – Nestor the Chronicler and Frumentius

On this day in 1651, English troops occupied Limerick, Ireland. They celebrated by writing haiku. Nestor the Chronicler (ca. 1056 – ca. 1114) was a monk in the (Near) Kievan Caves (they did let him out from time to time). In one episode, he (along with two brother monks) was charged with finding the myrrh-streaming […]