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November 30 Saint of the Day – Andrew the Apostle

On this day in 1983, police freed kidnapped beer magnate Alfred Heineken in Amsterdam. “Man, am I thirsty,” he said. “You guys wanna grab a Coke? My treat.” Andrew the Apostle (I cent.) was the brother of Simon Peter the first Pope of Rome. His name comes from the Greek Ἀνδρέας, “Andreas,” meaning “manly” or […]

November 29 Saints of the Day – Abibus of Nekressi and Saturninus of Toulouse

On this day in 1775, Sir James Jay invented invisible ink. Sadly his patent application was denied, since it was. . . . Abibus of Nekressi (აბიბოს ნეკრესელი ) (VI cent.) was one of the thirteen (or twelve) Syrian missionaries (“apostles”) sent into Georgia by John Zedazeni. When the twelve (or thirteen) split up, Abibus […]

November 28 Saints of the Day – Stephen the New and Symeon Metaphrastes

On this day in 1895, America’s first auto race started, with six cars going fifty-five miles. The winner averaged seven miles per hour. He could have gone faster, but he got pulled over for speeding at least once daily. Stephen the New (ca. 715 – 767), also called Stephen the Younger, was born after his […]

November 27 Saints of the Day – James the Persian and Barlaam & Josaphat

On this day in 1911, American theatergoers pelted actors with vegetables for the first (recorded) time. Quipped one actor, “Maybe audiences just aren’t ready yet for a musical about cats.” James the Persian (d. 421) is also known as James Intercisus, which means “cut into pieces.” If this squigs you out, you have our permission […]

November 26 Saints of the Day – Innocent of Irkutsk and Leonard of Port Maurice

On this day in 1961, the Pro Baseball Rules Committee voted 8-1 against legalizing the spitball. Quench Gum stock immediately plummeted to 1¢ a piece. Um, share. Innocent of Irkutsk, Apostle to Siberia (1680 – 1731), was baptized John (or “Ivan” — why not say “Ivan”?) in Chernihiv (Chernigov), and attended the Kiev (Kyiv) Theological […]