Best Wishes for 2014!

Dear Readers,

YIE making saladAs you know (if you’ve been paying attention), I just finished a year of doing one blog entry per day, usually giving a brief overview of the lives of two different saints, one from the Orthodox (new) calendar, and one from the Catholic (Latin) calendar. Of course some of the saints on one calendar were also on the other, although often not on the same day. When they coincided I often did just one saint that day, which allowed me to go into further depth. Some days I did the feast of the day (e.g. Christmas), or an icon (e.g. Joy of All Who Sorrow), or an apparition (e.g. Our Lady of Guadalupe) instead.

It’s been a fun series, although a heck of a lot of work (about 2-3 hours per day between research, writing/editing, and formatting). I’ve learned a lot about the saints, and I hope my readers have as well. I hope you don’t stop reading about the saints, but go and do your own reading. My favorite sites have been the OCA’s Lives of the Saints, SQPN’s Calendar of Saints, and the St. Patrick Catholic Church (in DC)’s Saint of the Day series by Katherine Rabenstein. Add Wikipedia, which often has some dirt on the less saintly things the saints have done, and you can learn a lot about these wonderful people the Church holds up to us for edification and emulation. God is truly glorious in His saints!

I am now taking some time off, although the website will still be here, and publishing, albeit on a much more rarefied schedule. I hope to have pieces from time to time by my remaining staff member, Terce Reporter Brigid Strait, who has written many pieces for the Dome down through the years (all of them funny, too!), as well as guest writers such as Thomas Eric Ruthford, who wrote the “cute family” article recently. Persons wanting to try their hand at Orthodox satire are invited to send submissions or ideas to FatherVasiliy at yahoo dot com. Can’t promise I’ll publish it, or that I won’t edit it (that’s my job after all), but if I do run it, it will have your name on it (or your pseudonym if you don’t want your priest (or, if you are a priest, your khouria/presvytera/matushka (or as we say at the Dome, khourvytushka)) to know you’re spending your Friday nights writing satire).

Thanks to everyone who wrote encouragement, a big Bronx cheer to people who wrote nasty stuff, and a happy Gregorian New Year to everybody who doesn’t live in St. Julian Calendar’s Cave on that secret, uncharted island 300 versts south of Mt. Athos.

God grant you all many, many years.

Your Intrepid Editor,
Alex Riggle

Copyright © 2014 Alex Riggle. All Rights Reserved.


About Your Intrepid Blogger

I live in the Tacoma area. When not writing things some people think are funny, I teach technology to 7th and 8th graders at a local middle school.

8 comments on “Best Wishes for 2014!

  1. This news is real disappointing, I have been thoroughly enjoying and sharing your presentation of the Saint of the day and it has become an enjoyable part of my morning routine after Matins, I was hoping to continue my practice of reading your post and sharing them on Google+, yet you do have a life outside of amusing this sinner and I have appreciated your efforts. May you year be filled with the joy of our Savior Jesus Christ and may I have your permission to repost these Saint of the Day from your archives on Google+ as has been my habit for the last month with the original post. My contact info is linked to my Gravatar icon. It would be sorta like a calender of the daily scripture readings. Thank you again for your efforts and for brightening folk’s day with you unique humor.

    • I would prefer you posted the first bit (maybe 1/3) and followed it with a “read more” link to here, if at all possible. Thanks for your kind words.


      • The way I have been sharing your post on Google+ is by using the G+ button in your share this box and it will post the picture that you use and it gives the link to your blog. I tried to copy it to show you but it did not paste over as it is on Google+ Thanks and I will get the word out when you decide to put this in a book form so you can make some coin of the realm to further your education and enjoyment.

  2. ALEX, you deserve the time off but I will miss the puns and double entendres. They make my day.
    Love you, Dana (Motherboard)

  3. I am another reader that is just settled into the marvelous routine of seeing your great blog posts. I don’t know, but let’s hope that you can find something just as serious and mischievous as your really entertaining writing. I will miss you too.

  4. I also will miss the daily saints post.

    In response to your picture, if there is enough garlic that it hurts, them would it be an “Ail Caesar” salad?

  5. You have to admit it wasn’t the “verst” joke that I have written. Although, this one went south.

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