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Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Happy Feast of the Nativity (aka Christmas i.e. The Divine Liturgy of Christ) to our loyal readers and you unlucky saps who were searching for something serious and wound up here by accident. Today the virgin gives birth to the incomprehensible one, and the earth offers a cave to the unapproachable one; angels and shepherds […]

And That’s Another Reason

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Orthodox Chorister Doesn’t Like “When Augustus Ruled”

TACOMA, Wash. – In a move that has sent shock waves through spleens north and south of the Mason-Dixon line, tenor Bob “Reader Alexiy (Alexiy the Tsarevich and Passion-Bearer (or Martyr, Depending Upon Whom You Ask))” Bridges of Holy Redirection Orthodox Church’s choir complained that he didn’t like the traditional Orthodox Christmas hymn, “When Augustus […]