Ask Father Vasiliy

Dear Father VasiliyOnce again Father Vasiliy Vasileivich, pastor of Saints Vladimir and Olga and Boris and Gleb Russian Orthodox Church in Sydney, Australia, and first runner-up for the seventh year in a row in the All-Australia Paddleboat Regata’s 100 Meter Splash-Dash, has condescended to answer questions from Onion Dome readers. Welcome, Father Vasiliy!

Dear Father Vasiliy,

I sing in the choir at our church. There is a place in the Liturgy where Father says, “Bow your heads unto the Lord,” but we can’t bow our heads because we’re singing and that blocks off your airway. Matushka, that’s our choir director, tells us to not bow and to keep singing. So either I have to disobey Father, or disobey his wife. What am I to do?

Signed, Confused in Cambridge.

Dear Cambridge,

Like your priest, I am married man. I will pass along to you what we both are knowing: do what your Matushka tells you. In heaven, when choir of angels is doing singing and earthly choir members are allowed to stand with laity, you may bow head during this part. Indeed you may do many things that are forbidden to you, which other worshipers may do now, such as shout “Indeed He is risen!” during Paschal Canon, or walk off the leg cramp, or go to restroom.

Signed, Father Vasiliy

Dear Father Vasiliy,

Our Bishop came and visited. I noticed that he was robed at the door in one robe, then in the middle of the church that was removed and he was robed with a different robe. I couldn’t help but think he looked like a pupating insect. Was that sinful of me?

Signed, Entomologist in Edmonton

Dear Edmonton,


Signed, Father Vasiliy.

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  1. Omg. Lmao. Are these real?

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