Watch This Space!

Picture of typewriter keyboard by flickr user Marcin Wichary. Image has been cropped to focus on spacebar.Throughout 2020, the Onion Dome will be re-running our popular “Saint of the Day” feature from 2013. The material is greatly updated (which is not to say it’s great), with some new saints added (especially O.T. prophets) and some old saints discarded (especially ones on the days that got new saints), new biographical tidbits added, new jokes added, bad jokes removed (just kidding), and so on.

For those who missed this series the first time around, or have forgotten it in the ensuing years, I provide the following explanation. This may be on the test. For each day of the year I posted two saints, one from the Orthodox calendar (new Julian), and one from the Roman Catholic calendar (western rite). Pre-schism saints could end up on either side of the Adriatic, depending on how I needed to arrange things. A few saints who had the same day on both calendars take up the whole day (e.g. Patrick). Some fiddly exceptions apply: some days are a feast rather than a saint (The Annunciation), some of the Catholic saints are actually not saints but beati, one or two days have an icon instead of a saint for the Orthodox half, and so on. You’ll get used to it. (I suggest reading the About page in the menu above.)

The hagiographies are written with a light touch, but the humor is not directed at the saints but rather their situations, surroundings, enemies, and so forth. Or just the absurdity of life in general. In other words I have tried to make them fun but reverent. Why? Because I think it important for people to know the saints, and that this approach is more likely to get them to read about them.

See you on January 1!

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