February 17 — Finan of Lindisfarne; Silvinus

Finan of Lindisfarne* (d. 661) is also on the Western calendar, either on today or on the ninth; it’s hard to tell. Dang calendar reforms. Finan was an Irish monk at Iona*, who waded (swam, boated, flew, or something) ashore and became the successor of Aidan (Aug 31) as bishop of Lindisfarne. (Which is also… Continue reading February 17 — Finan of Lindisfarne; Silvinus

February 16 — Romanos the New Martyr; Juliana of Nicomedia

Romanus the New Martyr (d. 1694) was illiterate and from Karpenisi, although those facts are unrelated. We’re pretty sure. On a pilgrimage to Jerusalem he learned about martyrdom, and decided that was the life (well, death) for him. He hastened to Thessaloniki, where he told the judge that Islam was risible, and called Muhammad names.… Continue reading February 16 — Romanos the New Martyr; Juliana of Nicomedia

February 15 – Onesimus of the Seventy; Sigfrid of Sweden

Onesimus of the Seventy (d. ca. 109) is proof that even a slave, if he eats all his vegetables and washes behind his ears, can grow up to be a bishop. Onesimus, the subject of St. Paul’s Epistle to Philemon, was Philemon’s slave, and had run away to Rome after stealing something from him. There… Continue reading February 15 – Onesimus of the Seventy; Sigfrid of Sweden

February 14 – Auxentius of Bithynia; Valentine

Auxentius of Bithynia (ca. 410–470 or 473), after serving in the Equestrian Guard (where he guarded the horses admirably), sought out the hermit’s life, withdrawing to Mount Oxia (later called Mt. Auxentius, go on, guess why) to escape the attention of the world and work miracles in wholesale quantities. As we have seen more than… Continue reading February 14 – Auxentius of Bithynia; Valentine

February 13 – Martinian of Caesarea; Catherine de Ricci

Martinian of Caesarea (d. ca. 422) became a hermit at age 18, and spent 25 years in the wilderness, not uttering a word, and for his troubles received the gifts of healing illnesses, and casting out demons (and not the other way around)[1]. The Evil One (yes, that one) hates that kind of thing, so… Continue reading February 13 – Martinian of Caesarea; Catherine de Ricci