March 31 – Innocent of Alaska; Acacius Agothangelos

Innocent of Alaska (1797–1879), né Ivan Popov, was resurnamed Veniaminov in seminary. He married and was priestified (as Ioann), and when a priest was requested for Alaska, he packed his mother, wife, son, and brother, and was off. They arrived in Unalaska in just over 13 months, by which time he had already learned over… Continue reading March 31 – Innocent of Alaska; Acacius Agothangelos

March 30 – The Uncondemning Monk; John Climacus

The Uncondemning Monk is a sort of everymonk with no name or date. He was not a very good monk, however. He was shiftless, sloppy, undisciplined, discinclined to pray, and so on; but in his entire life he never once judged another person. The other monks at the monastery say that as he lay dying,… Continue reading March 30 – The Uncondemning Monk; John Climacus

March 29 – Mark of Arethusa

Mark, Bishop of Arethusa (d. ca. 362) was struck from the western martyrology for many centuries, partly because he disliked the word “homoousios” (and who can blame him, from a purely asthetic point of view), and partly because for many years was semi-Arian (just his left side). But all indication is that he ultimately embraced… Continue reading March 29 – Mark of Arethusa

March 28 – Taxiotis of Carthage; Guntram

Taxiotis of Carthage (no date), a life-long sinner, at some point repented, quit the army, and started trying to live right. Unfortunately it didn’t quite take, and on a visit with his wife to their property near the city (Carthage, we suppose), he had an unfortunate dalliance with the wife of one of his hired… Continue reading March 28 – Taxiotis of Carthage; Guntram

March 27 – John of Egypt

John of Egypt (305–395), a carpenter by trade, was monkified at age 25 and apprenticed to a veteran anchorite. His humility was tested by being set ostensibly absurd tasks, like watering a stick every day for a year, but all this he patiently endured, which goes to show something. After the anchorite’s death he spent… Continue reading March 27 – John of Egypt