June 30 – The Twelve Apostles; Theobald of Provins

The Twelve Apostles (I Cent.) celebrate their Synaxis* today, or at least we do. “Synaxis” comes from the Greek words “syn” meaning “together” and “axis” meaning “an imaginary line passing through the center of a symmetrical solid.” Also “gathering.” Our Lord chose the Twelve in either Mark 3 or Luke 6 after praying all night… Continue reading June 30 – The Twelve Apostles; Theobald of Provins

June 29 – Apostles Peter and Paul

The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (I cent.) dominate today’s saint calendar, and rightly so. The leader of the twelve (that’s Peter) and the Apostle to the Gentiles (that’s Paul) have long been held up by the church as the greatest of our Lord’s apostles. (It is strictly jocular and not at all historical to… Continue reading June 29 – Apostles Peter and Paul

June 28 – Icon of the Three Hands; Iranaeus

The Theotokos of the Three Hands (VIII cent.) is not, strictly speaking, a person, but an icon. Many icons have their own days in the Orthodox calendar—because they were made famous by defeating an enemy in war, for streaming myrrh, for healing some famous person, or something along those lines. St. John of Damascus was… Continue reading June 28 – Icon of the Three Hands; Iranaeus

June 27 – Sampson the Hospitable; Cyril of Alexandria

Sampson the Hospitable (d. ca. 530), born of high-placed parents in Rome, studied as a doctor in Rome, and served for a time in that city, providing his services without charge (or cash or check). When his folks died he gave away all their money, set the slaves free, and caught a ship leaving Rome… Continue reading June 27 – Sampson the Hospitable; Cyril of Alexandria

June 26 – John of the Goths; Anthelm of Belley

John of the Goths (d. ca. 791) was a Goth from Crimea, born in answer to his parents’ fervent prayers and dedicated from a young age to a life of monastic asceticism (or ascetic monasticism). At some point he went to Jerusalem on pilgrimage, taking three years to visit all the holy sites (the bus… Continue reading June 26 – John of the Goths; Anthelm of Belley