June 25 – Peter and Febronia; Moloc of Mortlach

Peter and Febronia (d. 1228) were an unlikely couple. Peter was the young prince of Murom, which is somewhere in Russia. One day he became deathly ill, but one of his courtiers remembered a beekeeper’s daughter whose herbal remedies really remedied. As they did in this case. As she tended him, Peter saw that she… Continue reading June 25 – Peter and Febronia; Moloc of Mortlach

June 24 – Athanasius Parios; Bartholomew of Farne

Athanasius Parios (1721/1722–1813) received instruction in the “common letters” (β through μ) on Paros, then went to the school in Smyrna that later came to be known as the “Evangeliki School.” What Athanasius called it, my sources do not say. He studied there for six years, then moved on to the Athonias Academy on Athos*,… Continue reading June 24 – Athanasius Parios; Bartholomew of Farne

June 23 – Audrey of Ely

Audrey of Ely (ca. 636–679), or Æthelthryth, or Ethelreda, or Æðelþryð (my favorite), was one of the four abbey-founding daughters, all saints, of King Anna of East Anglia. From her youth she was devoted to prayer, the blessed sacrament, and works of mercy, not to mention piety, purity, and humility. She felt a strong call… Continue reading June 23 – Audrey of Ely

June 22 – Alban; Thomas More

Alban (d. ca. 209 or 251 or 257 or 303 or 304 or … ?), protomartyr of Britain, was a Roman citizen (perhaps soldier) in Verulamium (now called St Albans for some reason) when the powers that be starting rounding up the Christian clergy (and not for a round of Euchre). The bold priest Amphibalus… Continue reading June 22 – Alban; Thomas More

June 21 – Niketas of Nisyros; Aloysius Gonzaga

Niketas of Nisyros (1716–1732) was the son of the governor of Nisyros, which was all well and good until Dad got into trouble with the Turks. To prevent tragedy, the whole family converted to Islam and moved to Rhodes, Niketas becoming Mehmet. At fourteen he learned the horrid truth and, distraught, fled to Chios (about… Continue reading June 21 – Niketas of Nisyros; Aloysius Gonzaga