July 31 – Germanus of Auxerre; Ignatius of Loyola

Germanus of Auxerre (ca. 378–448) came from the noblest of noble Gallic families. His father’s name was “Rusticus.” He received the finest schooling (including classes in “Eloquence,” a subject sadly no longer taught in most universities, let alone secondary schools) and practiced law in Rome, where his eloquence won him the hand of the well-bred… Continue reading July 31 – Germanus of Auxerre; Ignatius of Loyola

July 30 – Tsotne Dadiani; Peter Chrysologus

Tsotne Dadiani (d. ca. 1260) was the younger son of Shergil, Duke of Mingrelia (Georgia), which position he (Tsotne) held after his older brother died. (There is no suspicion whatever of foul play, so put that out of your mind.) During those times the Mongols were hegemonic (“demons in the hedges”) over Georgia and neighboring… Continue reading July 30 – Tsotne Dadiani; Peter Chrysologus

July 29 – Bogolep; Olaf

Bogolep the Child Schemamonk (1660–1667) was baptized “Boris” in Moscow, but spent most of his short life in Chorny Yar, where his father was voevoda (military commander). He was a devout infant, refusing to nurse on Wednesdays and Fridays (here, any mom who’s ever nursed says, “Ouch”), and crying inconsolably if the church bells rang… Continue reading July 29 – Bogolep; Olaf

July 28 – Irene of Chrysovalantou; Samson of Dol

Irene of Chrysovalantou (d. 912) was born to wealthy parents (a common theme) in Cappadocia (not as common), and was chosen to be the bride of Michael, son of Theodora the Restora (Feb 11) (quite unusual). Irene agreed, no doubt figuring there were worse things than being empress of the Byzantine (she wouldn’t have called… Continue reading July 28 – Irene of Chrysovalantou; Samson of Dol

July 27 – Pantaleimon

Pantaleimon (ca. 275–303) was born Pantaleon (“Lion’s pants”) in Nicomedia to a rich pagan and a Christian. He fell away from his mother’s faith when she went to meet Christ and didn’t come back. He studied medicine, and either became or was slated to become court physician to Emperor Maximian (or Galerius). Meanwhile, across town,… Continue reading July 27 – Pantaleimon