August 31 – Aidan of Lindisfarne

Aidan of Lindisfarne* (d. 651) was born in Ireland, and learned monking on Iona*. It was to Iona that King (St.) Oswald of Northumbria (Aug 5) wrote when he wanted a missionary. He was mailed a harsh, bitter guy named Cormán, whom he sent back (in the original packaging) for being too harsh and bitter.… Continue reading August 31 – Aidan of Lindisfarne

August 30 – Alexander of Constantinople; Pammachius

Alexander of Constantinople (ca. 240–340), the last bishop of Byzantium and the first Patriarch of Constantinople (everybody sing: “It’s Constantinople, not Byzantium. . .”) represented his predecessor Metrophanes, who was too old to travel, at the First Council of Nicea. Metrophanes’ will specified that Alexander should succeed him, and he did. Alexander apparently spent his… Continue reading August 30 – Alexander of Constantinople; Pammachius

August 29 – Anastasius of Strumica; Jeanne Jugan

Anastasius of Strumica (d. 1794) was from Radovicha in the Strumitza Eparchy (now in the Republic of Macedonia). His parents bade him study to be a soldier, so he did. When he was twenty, he went to Thessalonica with his teacher, of whom we will have nothing positive to say. This teacher wanted to sell… Continue reading August 29 – Anastasius of Strumica; Jeanne Jugan

August 28 – Moses the Black; Augustine of Hippo

Moses the Black (ca. 330–ca. 405), slave to an Egyptian official, was driven out when he committed a murder. A large and imposing man, Moses formed a band of brigands (every account uses the word “brigands” so brigands they are (and besides it’s fun to say)) who went about murdering, robbing, and stuff like that.… Continue reading August 28 – Moses the Black; Augustine of Hippo

August 27 – Poemen the Great; Monica

Poemen the Great (ca. 340–ca. 450) (pronounced PEE-mun) went to the monastic center of Scetis in the Egyptian desert to become a monk. It worked. He was very strict with himself, but loving and patient with others. Because of this he quickly became a guide for many desert hermits, which made an Elder in the… Continue reading August 27 – Poemen the Great; Monica