September 30 – Gregory the Illuminator; Jerome

Gregory the Illuminator (257–332) was the son of a regicide, but that’s not his fault. When his father Anak killed the king of Armenia in a land swap conspiracy, the outraged Armenians slaughtered all his relatives they could find. Fortunately little Gregory had been smuggled into exile, where he was raised in the Christian faith,… Continue reading September 30 – Gregory the Illuminator; Jerome

September 29 – Cyriacus the Hermit; Dadas, Gabdelas, and Casdoe

Cyriacus the Hermit (448–557) was born in Corinth to a priestly family, and was made reader as a child by the bishop. One day upon hearing the Gospel, “Take up your cross and follow me,” he left the church, walked directly to the harbor, and got on a boat sailing to Jerusalem. After a quick… Continue reading September 29 – Cyriacus the Hermit; Dadas, Gabdelas, and Casdoe

September 28 – Wenceslaus

Wenceslaus (ca. 907–935) (aka Vaclav) was the son of Vratislaus, the second Christian Duke of Bohemia, and grandson of Borivoj and Ludmila, converts of Cyril and Methodius. His mother was Drahomira, a pagan princess who was baptized just before her marriage, although word on the street was that it never really “took.” Vratislaus died when… Continue reading September 28 – Wenceslaus

September 27 – Callistratus; Vincent de Paul

Callistratus (d. ca. 300) was a native of Carthage, descended in straight line from one of the soldiers who witnessed our Lord’s crucifixion and converted to faith in Christ. Callistratus followed in great-to-the-nth granddad’s footsteps, both in confession and profession. It was Calli’s practice to stay up late to pray while his more pagan comrades… Continue reading September 27 – Callistratus; Vincent de Paul

September 26 – Repose of John the Theologian; Nilus the Younger

The Repose of John the Theologian (ca. 100) refers to that John who, be they all same guy (and I’m not the one to deny it), is also called the Beloved Disciple, the Revelator, the Apostle, the Elder, of Patmos, the Evangelist, and Johnny Boy (but this last only by his mother). Brother of James… Continue reading September 26 – Repose of John the Theologian; Nilus the Younger