October 31 – 100,000 Martyrs of Tblisi; Foillon

The 100,000 Martyrs of Tblisi (d. 1226) were killed by the forces of Jalal ad-Din Migburno, last ruler of the Khwarezmian (Persian, sorta) Empire and one of history’s sorest losers. Mig lost his father’s kingdom to the Mongols, lost his fleeing army and refugees when the Mongols overtook them at the Indus, and was refused… Continue reading October 31 – 100,000 Martyrs of Tblisi; Foillon

October 30 – Zenobius and Zenobia; Alphonsus Rodriguez

Zenobius & Zenobia (d. 285) were brother and sister (respectively), brought up in piety and Aegea. You can find Aegea in Asia Minor. Piety can be hard to find. Zenobius grew up to be a doctor, healing people both with medicine and prayer (medicine as practiced in third-century Aegea needed a lot of prayer). Zenobia… Continue reading October 30 – Zenobius and Zenobia; Alphonsus Rodriguez

October 29 – Abraham of Rostov

Abraham of Rostov (d. ca. 1037–1077), through no fault of his own, was born Russian, pagan, and named “Averkii.” A miraculous cure of some unnamed but severe illness led to his conversion to Christianity, and he became “Abraham” upon monkification, but the Russian thing he never shook off. After said monkification he moved to Rostov… Continue reading October 29 – Abraham of Rostov

October 28 – Job of Pochayiv; Jude Thaddeus

Job of Pochayiv (ca. 1551–1651) was born Ivan in Kolumja in Polish Ukraine (or Ukrainian Poland) (or both). He teethed on the lives of St. Sava (Jan 12) and John of Damascus and on the Divine Ladder (see Mar 30), and entered the monastic life as a serving boy at a young age. At twelve… Continue reading October 28 – Job of Pochayiv; Jude Thaddeus

October 27 – Nestor the Chronicler; Frumentius

Nestor the Chronicler (ca. 1056–ca. 1114) was a monk in the Kievan Caves (they did let him out from time to time). His opinion was that people who read books “converse with God or the saints.” Wanting to do his part for this conversation, he wrote. And boy, did he wrote. He was the inaugural… Continue reading October 27 – Nestor the Chronicler; Frumentius