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8 comments on “About

  1. Enjoyed the book very much, enough to even read it again. Do you happen to have a story/blog post about a parish council trying to order furnishings for the church from Greece? (i.e. Bishops throne, a bier, icon stands etc)

  2. Alex, just read your spiritual autobiography and came to the conclusion that we may have met, as I was a NESEP student at UW while you were in NROTC there. Next time I’m in Seattle I’ll look you up and we can embarrass one another by failing to find anything in common aside from Orthodox Christianity, a bizarre sense of humor, and a year or two of overlap in college.

  3. I am so delighted that your blog has returned! A couple of years ago I recall there was a post about an Orthodox girl trying to find a husband and was having no success. It was one of the most amusing things that I have ever read! Would you ever be willing to create/repost such an article in the future?

  4. Reader Alex, I’ve been a fan of this site for quite some time. I was wondering, may I write an article wherein Fr. Vasiliy comments on something? I can send it to you before publishing. Thanks!

  5. I heard of your site because of a bumper sticker, I have one of those stickers and plan on putting it on my bishop’s van when he ain’t looking (the problem is that for some reason when I have the bumper sticker and am ready to do the deed he seems to be awfully attentive) The sticker says “THE ORTHODOX CHURCH disorganized religion at its finest”

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