Alex Riggle

Picture of Alex RiggleYour Intrepid Blogger is a forty-something, pudgy, mostly bald Orthodox Reader in an OCA parish in western Washington State. After 20 years of database programming, the beeswax taper finally went on over his head, and he has pursued his dream career — as a secondary mathematics teacher. He’s got the credits and the credentials, now he just needs his first job.

Founder and editor of the Onion Dome online Orthodox humor site, creator of inimitable characters Father Vasiliy Vasileivich and Professor Yeraslav Penguin, and coiner of the phrase, “Is outrage!”, your intrepid editor is currently editing his saint-a-day Onion Dome entries from 2013 with hopes of publishing them in a nifty synaxarion.

He also has a “secular” blog of mostly fairy tales and flatulence jokes at Temporary Sanity.

PS please buy his book.

5 comments on “Alex Riggle

  1. I’m new to your blog, and so happy I’ve found it! I love your style and intelligent humor; you somehow manage to weave reverence and irreverence together to make everything come out even. I’m a not-so-newly converted Orthodox Washingtonian myself, and I can relate to a lot of what you’ve experienced. Just wanted to say thank you for what you’re doing! 🙂

  2. -you don’t have to post this comment-

    I would like to ask Fr. Vasily of his view on the Great on Holy Council that is scheduled to happen next week…

    • Was it great and holy council in 19th century Russia? No, it was not. Always with this new, new, new. Old great and holy councils were good enough for us. We did not need new great and holy council. Is outrage!

  3. Not for posting please– just a message.

    You won the drawing for Rich Zimmerman’s new book! Please send my your mailing address so I can have him send it to you.

    After sending an email earlier today, I read chunks of your spiritual autobiography. I was so pleased to discover that you became Orthodox at Holy Trinity’s old mountain parish chapel — Wilkinson? Anyway, I worshipped there a few times years ago and loved it dearly. If you are still in that parish in its Puyallup home, please give Tom Kvamme my best. We went to Wilson High School together.



    • I wonder if I met you once up there at our Pentecost barbecue? I remember meeting a friend of Rich’s. Were you the one who was restoring an old Datsun B210 back in the day? Tom wasn’t at church today but when I see him I will greet him for you. We stare at each other across the kliros every Sunday. He’s a wonderful man. PS got the book. Have just started reading it.

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