December 11 – Nicon the Dry; Pope Damasus I

Nicon the Dry (d. ca. 1101), of noble Kievan stock, monastitized at the Monastery of the Caves, whence he and (St.) Eustratius were kidnapped for ransom by the Cumans (Polovtsy). A compassionate Kievan with some spare change went down to Cumanland to spring them, but Nicon said, “Nah, I’m good.” The rich man shrugged, redeemed… Continue reading December 11 – Nicon the Dry; Pope Damasus I

December 10 – Angelina of Serbia; Eulalia of Merida

Angelina of Serbia (ca. 1440–ca. 1520), one of the most beloved saints of that land, was the daughter of Albanian nobleman Gjergj (George) Arianti Komneni. Albania was at this time under the thumb of the Ottomans, which was horrid because they never cleaned under their nails. Serbian Despot (ruling prince) Đurađ (George) Branković’s daughter Mara… Continue reading December 10 – Angelina of Serbia; Eulalia of Merida

December 9 – Hannah; Budoc

Hannah (XII cent. BC(E)) (חַנָּה) was barren after ten years of marriage, so she suggested her husband Elkanah take a second wife. Wife #2 was of rabbitesque fertility, and tormented Hannah about it whenever she got the chance. Elkanah was always loving to Hannah, saying, “Am I not more to you than ten sons?” Apparently… Continue reading December 9 – Hannah; Budoc

December 8 – Patapius; Immaculate Conception

Patapius (IV cent.) was born in Thebes and hermitified at a young age in the nearby desert. To avoid disciple wannabes, he moved to Constantinople, but just as a city on a hill cannot be hid (absent technology sorely lacking in that then and there), Patapius’ holiness shone forth. A blind boy came to his… Continue reading December 8 – Patapius; Immaculate Conception

December 7 – Ambrose of Milan

Ambrose of Milan (340–397) was a wee bairn when a whole grist of bees landed on his face and left a drop of honey on his tongue. His father knew right then and there that Ambrose would be a famous orator with the nick name “The Honey-Tongued.” After Dad died, Ambrose wandered into Rome and… Continue reading December 7 – Ambrose of Milan