Father Vasiliy Book

Is Outrage! (the book)Is Outrage! The Wit and Wisdom of Father Vasiliy Vasileivich from The Onion Dome is now available for purchase!

For nearly 10 years, Father Vasiliy Vasileivich, fictional (although he insists he’s not) spokesman for the Church Outside Russia of Orthodox Christians (COROC) and pastor of Saints Boris and Gleb and Olga and Vladimir Orthodox Church of Sydney, Australia, graced the online pages of The Onion Dome, the world’s first Orthodox satire website, edited by yours truly. A cantankerous yet lovable curmudgeon, Father Vasiliy boldly held forth on the evils of modernization, and originated the impassioned cry, “Is outrage!” At one point his fan club had over 10 members.

This book collects all (but one) of the Onion Dome columns that feature Father Vasiliy.

Please feel free to buy a copy and recommend it to your friends! Heck, buy two!

Click here to purchase the book from the publisher, Lulu Press (costs less)

Click here to purchase the book from Amazon (costs more)

Click here to buy t-shirts and mugs at Cafepress (the infamous Tacky Nicknack Shoppe).

Copyright © 2003–2014 Alex Riggle. All Rights Reserved.

3 comments on “Father Vasiliy Book

  1. Bought this for my nook via Barnes and Nobel. Formatting was messed up in one chapter; however, it was still a great read. Michael (commander of heavenly hosts), kept giving me the eye because I couldn’t stop laughing while reading.

  2. ‘Is Outrage!’ has been purchased via the powers of Amazon and is now highly anticipated.

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