Church Calendar

Saint Invites Early, Late, and Unbelievably Tardy to Feast

A statement released from Heaven this week invites a number of unexpected guests to the Banquet. Speaking on behalf of the Host, spokesman St. John Chrysostom lists the following guests: The 14-year-old who thought he would die of fasting; the catechumen who has been checking the fine print on everything in the grocery store; the […]

In Idaho the Times They Ain’t a Changin’

Moscow, Idaho – A small church in Moscow, Idaho is refusing to accept daylight savings time. St. Gregory of the Mogollons has taken the example of some Midwestern communities and remains on the same time schedule through out the year. However, St. Gregory’s takes it one step further by being the only organization in town […]

December 25 Feast of the Day – The Nativity of Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ

On this day in 1651, the Massachusetts General Court instituted a five-shilling fine for “observing any such day as Christmas.” They also outlawed gambling, food with flavor, and non-scratchy clothes. The Feast of the Nativity commemorates the birth of the God-man, God incarnate, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Son of David, […]

September 26 Saints of the Day – The Repose of John the Theologian, and Nilus the Younger

On this day in 1908, Ed Reulbach became the first and last pitcher to throw two shutouts in one day (against the Brooklyn Dodgers). Dodgers fans still refer to September 26 as “Reulbach Over and Die” day. The Repose of John the Theologian (ca. 100) refers to that John who, be they all same guy […]

September 25 Saints of the Day – Euphrosyne of Suzdal and Hermann von Reichenau

On this day in 1958, Andorra, having been forgotten at Versailles, finally signed an official treaty with Germany ending WW I. They’re still at war with Al-Andalus, but there’s nobody left to sign on its behalf. Euphrosyne of Suzdal (1212 – 1250) didn’t come along until her parents (Great Prince Michael of Chernigov and his […]