Letter from Choir Director Elizabeth

11 September 2016 (N.S.) Elizabeth (“the New Martyr”) Pappas, Choir Director Orthodox Church of All the Saints of North America Takhoma Park, Maryland To the faithful of the choir: Welcome back! After our light summer of only one choir practice of only 2 hours per week, we’re back to our usual winter schedule of practice […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Originally run August 8, 2003 As a change of pace from our usual articles, this being a slow news week in the Orthodox world, we instead present a feature we’ve been wanting to do for some time: a question-and-answer column featuring Fr. Vasiliy, official spokesman for the Church Overseas of Russian Orthodox Christians (or COROC), […]

Guide to Orthodox Vocabulary for Catechumens and Converts

From the January, 2012, church bulletin In Orthodoxy we use a lot of words and phrases that are not common, or are used in an uncommon way, or are from languages other than English. Some of our catechumens and convert families have expressed dismay at learning them. Here’s a handy guide to some of the […]

From the Choir Director to the Choir at All Saints of Kamchatka Orthodox Church

DATE: 01/15/12 FROM: Elizabeth Blankenship TO: SUBJECT: No Practice This Thursday For those of you not in church this Sunday, or not paying attention, there is no choir practice this Thursday (January 19th). We will resume normal practices on the 26th. It’s important we’re all there on the 26th. We have to learn the […]

Tea Fixes Everything

Dear Auntie Ekaterina, I’m sorry to be writing you out of the blue like this, but Mom suggested I ask you for advice. She says it’s “over her pay grade,” but that you’ll be able to help.