Father Vasiliy

Tenors Strike for Higher Note Count

Takhoma Park, MD – Tenors from the church choir at tiny All Saints of North America Orthodox Church here in Takhoma Park have walked off the job, citing the lack of variety in their parts in the church music. Your intrepid editor was on the story like yellow on that saffron rice Baba Olga makes. […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Once again Father Vasiliy Vasileivich, pastor of Saints Vladimir and Olga and Boris and Gleb Russian Orthodox Church in Sydney, Australia, and four-time winner in the Mr. Australia Lip Balm Makers World Cup, has condescended to answer a question from an Onion Dome reader. Welcome, Father Vasiliy! Dear Father Vasiliy, My girlfriend and I have […]

Online “Orthodox” Church Draws Fire

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – Father Thomas (“No Doubt About It”) Tomkins, rector of the newly-minted Saint Pugnacios Online Obnoxodox Church, waves off criticism of his new parish. “They persecuted Paul. They persecuted Polycarp. They persecuted Ralph Hargrove –” “Wait, who?” interrupted our intrepid editor, to no avail. “But they can’t stop the movement of the Spirit.” […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Once again we are honoured to have Fr. Vasiliy Vasileivich, official COROC* spokesman and parish priest, to answer our readers’ questions. Dear Father Vasiliy, I have noticed when waiting in line to venerate icons at my church, that some people make a little kissing “pip” noise when they kiss the icon, and some people do […]

Lenten Cooking with Father Vasiliy

(first broadcast in March, 2011) AR: Hello, and welcome to this first broadcast of Lenten Cooking with Father Vasiliy, starring everybody’s favorite Australian-Russian Orthodox priest and five-time winner of the Mr. Australian Lenten Chef contest, Father Vasiliy Vasileivich. VV: Spacebo. Is good to being here. AR: I’m your host, Reader Alexiy (“Alexiy the Tsarevich and […]