June 3 – Dmitry of Uglich; Clotilde

Dmitry of Uglich, Tsarevich* of Russia (1582–1591), was the son of Ivan the Terrible, but that’s not his fault. When Feodor Ivanovich was nominally Tsar and Boris Godunov (who wasn’t nearly good enough) was his regent, Godunov sent Dmitry, his mother, and her brothers into exile in Uglich (which is not German for “ugly”). On… Continue reading June 3 – Dmitry of Uglich; Clotilde

June 2 – Erasmus of Ochrid; Erasmus of Formiae

Erasmus of Ochrid (d. ca. 303) (aka Erazmo) was a wonderworker from Antioch who lived for a time “in strict asceticism” on Mount Lebanon, and was previously, or at the same time, or later, a bishop. Sometime later still (some sources are so-o-o vague) he was in Ochrid for reasons we may never know (other… Continue reading June 2 – Erasmus of Ochrid; Erasmus of Formiae

June 1 – Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr (ca. 100–ca. 165) was born in Flavia Neapolis, which maps onto Nablus in modern Palestine. He slyly tells us he came of pagan, not Jewish, stock by specifying the configuration of his configurable (let the reader understand). Justin first studied under a Stoic philosopher, until he realized his teacher had nothing to teach… Continue reading June 1 – Justin Martyr

May 31 – Hermias of Comana; Petronilla of Rome

Hermias of Comana (d. 160) served long in the Roman army, but when it came time to retire, he refused to take his severance pay and instead confessed his Christian faith as he signed the discharge papers. This was clearly the wrong thing to do, and before he knew it he was standing before Sebastian,… Continue reading May 31 – Hermias of Comana; Petronilla of Rome

May 30 – Macrina the Elder; Joan of Arc

Macrina the Elder (d. ca. 340) was a student of Gregory the Wonderworker, early formulator of the teaching of the Trinity that would find its fullest expression in the Nicene Creed some years later. She has been lauded for her intelligence, and was apparently both a good student and a good teacher, passing Gregory’s teachings… Continue reading May 30 – Macrina the Elder; Joan of Arc