November 16 – Hypatius of Gangra; Margaret of Scotland

Hypatius of Gangra (d. 326) was bishop of Gangra (modern Çankırı, Turkey), and a staunch ally of Contra Mundum of Alexandria (Athanasius for you squares). During the time of Emperor Constantius II (reigned 337–361) (hey, dates in hagiographies don’t have to make sense), an immense snake made its nest in the imperial treasury. Hypatius’ reputation… Continue reading November 16 – Hypatius of Gangra; Margaret of Scotland

November 15 – Paisius Velichkovsky; Albert the Great

Paisius Velichkovsky (1722–1794) Ukrainian by birth, studied at the Moghila Academy for four years, then took the rason (a garment that rasophore (“authorized to wear the rason”) monks wear[1]) and the name Platon. Under various elders at various monasteries he learned the Prayer of the Heart*. Later he moved to Athos, where he was made… Continue reading November 15 – Paisius Velichkovsky; Albert the Great

November 14 –Theodora; Dyfrig

The Empress Theodora (500–548) was an actress back when the scandals in today’s tabloids—even the made-up ones—would have been laughably tame. Actresses of the day not only performed “sleazy entertainment” onstage (and Theodora was as sleazy as they came), they doubled as workers in the red lampada district. At sixteen she travelled to Africa as… Continue reading November 14 –Theodora; Dyfrig

November 13 – Brice; Frances Xavier Cabrini

Brice of Tours (ca. 370–444) was an orphan boy, and although not a pie-rayt, he was no angel. He was raised by Martin of Tours (Nov 11), but whenever Martin would rebuke him for some wrong (and there were plenty to rebuke him for), Brice would respond with sass and abuse. Why would Martin put… Continue reading November 13 – Brice; Frances Xavier Cabrini

November 12 – Nilus the Faster; Emilian of Cogolla

Nilus the Faster (d. ca. 430) was a disciple of John Chrysostom and a Constantinopolitan (which was handy because that’s where John was). He received a top-notch education and got a comfy government job at a comparatively young age (compared to people older than he was). He married a pious Christian woman (best kind), and… Continue reading November 12 – Nilus the Faster; Emilian of Cogolla