May 29 – Theodosia of Tyre; Theodosia of Constantinople

Theodosia of Tyre (d. 307) went from there to Caesarea, where (on Easter Sunday) she bumped into a number of Christians in chains waiting to be interrogated. She stopped to ask them for their prayers, and was nabbed by the guards and taken to the governor. Upon being asked, she refused to sacrifice to the… Continue reading May 29 – Theodosia of Tyre; Theodosia of Constantinople

May 28 – Heliconis of Thessalonica; Margaret of Salisbury

Heliconis of Thessalonica (d. 244) moved from her hometown of Thessalonica to Corinth just in time to get caught up in the persecution of Christians. No shrinking violet (or local equivalent), she exhorted pagans to abandon their unhearing, unseeing, etc., idols and convert to Christianity. Predictably, she was arrested, and soon stood before Governor Perinus,… Continue reading May 28 – Heliconis of Thessalonica; Margaret of Salisbury

May 27 – John the Russian; Anselm of Canterbury

John the Russian (ca. 1690–1730) was born in (what is now) Ukraine, and served as a soldier during the Russo-Turkish War. He was captured in battle and sold into slavery to a Turkish cavalry commander from Prokopion (in Asia Minor). As was not infrequently the case, he was threatened, tortured, beaten, and so forth to… Continue reading May 27 – John the Russian; Anselm of Canterbury

May 26 – George of Sofia; Philip Neri

George of Sofia the New Martyr (d. 1515) (Свети Ђорђе Кратовац), the answer-to-prayer baby of his parents’ old age, was either born in Kratovo (Serbia) and moved to Sofia (Bulgaria), or was born in Sofia and stayed there. His parents died when he was 25 (or 18), and then things started going downhill. He was… Continue reading May 26 – George of Sofia; Philip Neri

May 25 – Pope Urban I; Aldhelm

Urban I, Pope of Rome (d. 230), may have been a martyr, or may have died of natural causes. He is thought to be the originator of a decree that donations to the Church could only be spent on ecclesiastical needs, the common good of the Christian community, or the poor. This might lead one… Continue reading May 25 – Pope Urban I; Aldhelm