December 21 – Peter of Kiev; Peter Canisius

Peter of Kiev (Kyiv) (d. 1326) (aka Peter of Moscow) grew up in a devout home (his parents were pretty devout, too) and went to seminary at twelve (it was hard for him to get up early). He learned the sciences of the day, as well as asceticism, Scriptures, iconography, and GAZ maintenance. After many… Continue reading December 21 – Peter of Kiev; Peter Canisius

December 20 – John of Kronstadt; Domingo de Silos

John of Kronstadt (1829–1908) even in childhood prayed so efficaciously that neighbors sought his prayers. His poor parents (I mean they were impoverished) sent him to school at age ten, but he was a poor student (I mean he had a hard time reading, could never remember what his instructors said, and spent all of… Continue reading December 20 – John of Kronstadt; Domingo de Silos

December 19 – Boniface the Merciful; Pope Urban V

Boniface the Merciful (VI cent.) from a very young age had a heart for the poor. And, often, a shirt or a coat as well. His mother, a widow and none too well off, had a time keeping him clothed. This was as nothing to the time she went to the family granary and found… Continue reading December 19 – Boniface the Merciful; Pope Urban V

December 18 – Zoe at Rome; Samthann

Zoe at Rome (d. ca. 286) was a jailer’s (or nobleman’s) wife who was unable to speak for six years (no “chatty wife” jokes please). She saw a vision of an angel holding the Collected Writings of Saint Sebastian, sought him, found him, and fell down at his feet. Before he could help her up,… Continue reading December 18 – Zoe at Rome; Samthann

December 17 – Three Holy Youths; Lazarus

The Three Holy Youths (VI cent. BC(E)) had two names each, making for a total of six. In Hebrew they were Hananiah (“Hannah is near”), Azariah (“has pumpernickel”), and Mishael (“the Russian diminutive of Michael of El”), but in Babylonian (Persian? Farsi? Wethreekingsian?) they were Shadrach (“fish shelf”), Meshach (“I, the Hut” (Jabba’s name for… Continue reading December 17 – Three Holy Youths; Lazarus