June 14 – Elisha the Prophet; Methodius of Constantinople

Elisha the Prophet (IX-VIII cent. BC(E)) succeeded Elijah (Jul 20), whom he served faithfully until a certain incident with a fiery chariot and a whirlwind. After that he was recognized by the Sons of the Prophets (a fraternal organization with many local chapters) as the number one prophet in Israel (“You’re number one! You’re number… Continue reading June 14 – Elisha the Prophet; Methodius of Constantinople

June 13 – Anthim of Iberia; Anthony of Padua

Anthim of Iberia (ca. 1650–1716) (ანთიმოზ ივერიელი) was fluent in Greek, Romanian, Slavonic, Arabic, Turkish, and Georgian; well-versed in theology, literature, and science; and unusually gifted in painting, engraving, sculpture, and calligraphy. After being taken prisoner, sold into slavery, and set free, he went to Wallachia to run the royal print shop, turning Bucharest into… Continue reading June 13 – Anthim of Iberia; Anthony of Padua

June 12 – Peter of Mt. Athos; John of Sahagún

Peter of Mt. Athos* (d. 734), a soldier, was taken captive by the Syrians and languished in prison, recounting his sins. Eventually he remembered he had promised God to become a monk and hadn’t, so he fasted and prayed to St. Nicholas (Dec 6) for deliverance. This was apparently a wrong number, as Nicholas appeared… Continue reading June 12 – Peter of Mt. Athos; John of Sahagún

June 11 – Barnabas the Apostle

Apostle Barnabas of the Seventy (d. ca. 61) (né Joseph) was born on Cyprus into a Levite family (Dad had a long commute)—on these things, everyone agrees (it’s in Acts, and nobody wants to take on Luke). Then it gets cloudy. Clearly he lived somewhere in Palestine. He may have been related to John Mark,… Continue reading June 11 – Barnabas the Apostle

June 10 – Bassian of Lodi; John Dominici

Bassian of Lodi (d. 430), son of a Sicilian governor, sought from an early age to learn about Christianity, which he did whilst in Rome ostensibly being educated about other stuff. At his baptism he saw an angel standing (or hovering or whatever angels do in baptismal fonts), holding his baptismal robe. When Bassian asked,… Continue reading June 10 – Bassian of Lodi; John Dominici