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Tenors Strike for Higher Note Count

Takhoma Park, MD – Tenors from the church choir at tiny All Saints of North America Orthodox Church here in Takhoma Park have walked off the job, citing the lack of variety in their parts in the church music. Your intrepid editor was on the story like yellow on that saffron rice Baba Olga makes. […]

August 6 Feast of the Day – The Transfiguration

On this day in 1962, Jamaica became independent from the United Kingdom, giving the island’s bobsledders no team to train with for over twenty years. The Transfiguration is the name given to the incident in the life of our Lord, recorded in all three Synoptics and recalled by St. Peter in his second epistle, in […]

August 1 Feast and Saint of the Day – The Procession of the Cross and Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

On this date in 1774, British scientist Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen, corroborating the earlier work of German-Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele. At last, Scheele could breathe at ease. The Procession of the Honorable Wood of the Life-Giving Cross of the Lord was inaugurated in 1164. The True Cross™ — well, actually a chunk of it, […]