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Parishioners Exhausted after Nine-hour Agape Vespers Service

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Parishioners here at the multi-ethnic Church of All Saints of North America Originally from Somewhere Else were exhausted on Pascha afternoon after a 9-hour Agape Vespers service. In keeping with an ancient and widely-observed Orthodox tradition, All Saints of Somewhere Else celebrates Agape Vespers by having the gospel passage, John 20:19-25, read […]

New Translation of Liturgy Raises Eyebrows

First published January, 2010 All Orthodox are familiar with the story of Saints Methodius and Kyril, who were commissioned to translate the services of the holy Church into a language “understanded of the [Slavic] people.” We are all aware of the importance of worshiping in a speaker’s native language, and find it quite natural that […]

Similarities Between Orthodoxy and Other Christian Faith Communities

First published April, 2009. In presenting Orthodoxy to the West, it is important to emphasize similarities between the Orthodox and other Christian faith communities. For those who have a hard time determining what those similarities might be, here is a handy list.

Greek Priest Sent to Bed Without Supper for Translating Liturgy

First published on December 13, 2002. ATHENS HEIGHTS – In a move that surprised exactly no one (except perhaps Mr. Stanley Majors of Pretoria, South Africa), Father Irmanos Spartopolis of Athens Heights, Greece was sent to his room without supper by His Grace Bishop SPARTOS Irmopolis for translating the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom […]