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The Paschal Canon (Facebook Style)

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December 17 Saints of the Day – Three Holy Youths and Lazarus

On this day in 1903, Orville Wright made the first sustained motorized airplane flight. Without lemon-soaked paper napkins. The Three Holy Youths (VI cent. BC(E)) had two names each, making for a total of six. In Hebrew they were Hananiah (“Hannah is near”), Azariah (“has pumpernickel”), and Mishael (“the Russian diminutive of Michael of El”), […]

October 12 Saints of the Day – Cosmas the Hymnographer and Edwin of Northumbria

On this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus made landfall in the Bahamas, mistakenly believing he was in India. “We’re so glad you’ve come!” said the natives. “We can’t think of a word to call ourselves.” Cosmas the Hymnographer (VIII cent.) lost his parents when he was very young (little kids are always losing things), and […]

September 2 Saints of the Day – John the Faster and William of Roskilde

On this day in 1752, Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar, nearly two centuries later than most of Western Europe. To this day the trains no longer run on time. John the Faster (d. 595) was born to artisan parents (unless they weren’t), grew up in Constantinople (unless he didn’t), and worked as an engraver […]

July 4 Saints of the Day – Andrew of Crete and Elizabeth of Portugal

On this date in 1862, Lewis Carroll told Alice Liddell the story that would grow into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. On this same date in 1865, the book was published. On this date in 2013, I told you about both events. Andrew of Crete (ca. 650 – 712 or 726 or maybe even 740) was […]