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Letter from Choir Director Elizabeth

11 September 2016 (N.S.) Elizabeth (“the New Martyr”) Pappas, Choir Director Orthodox Church of All the Saints of North America Takhoma Park, Maryland To the faithful of the choir: Welcome back! After our light summer of only one choir practice of only 2 hours per week, we’re back to our usual winter schedule of practice […]

November 22 Saints of the Day – Michael of Tver and Cecilia

On this day in 1967, the BBC (unofficially) banned “I Am the Walrus” by the Beatles. Seems the word “knickers” got theirs twisted. Michael of Tver (1272 – 1318) was the son of Yaroslav III Yaraslovich and nephew of St. Alexander Nevsky. He was raised a good Christian lad by his good Christian mum St. […]

November 15 Saints of the Day – Paisius Velichkovsky and Albert the Great

On this day in 1660, the first kosher butcher, Asser Levy, was licensed in New York City. And that’s no chopped liver. Paisius Velichkovsky (1722 – 1794) was born in Ukraine, studied at the Moghila Academy for four years, and decided to become a monk. He took the rason (a garment that rasophore (“authorized to […]

October 5 Saints of the Day – Dionysius of Alexandria and Bartholomew Longo

On this day in 1550, the city of Concepción, Chile, was founded. Exactly nine months later the neighboring city of Nacimiento was founded. Dionysius of Alexandria (d. 264) was the first pope to be called “the Great,” even before any of those guys in Rome. One day he met an old woman on the streets […]

September 25 Saints of the Day – Euphrosyne of Suzdal and Hermann von Reichenau

On this day in 1958, Andorra, having been forgotten at Versailles, finally signed an official treaty with Germany ending WW I. They’re still at war with Al-Andalus, but there’s nobody left to sign on its behalf. Euphrosyne of Suzdal (1212 – 1250) didn’t come along until her parents (Great Prince Michael of Chernigov and his […]