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Ask Father Vasiliy

Once again Father Vasiliy Vasileivich, pastor of Saints Vladimir and Olga and Boris and Gleb Russian Orthodox Church in Sydney, Australia, and four-time winner in the Mr. Australia Lip Balm Makers World Cup, has condescended to answer a question from an Onion Dome reader. Welcome, Father Vasiliy! Dear Father Vasiliy, My girlfriend and I have […]

In Idaho the Times They Ain’t a Changin’

Moscow, Idaho – A small church in Moscow, Idaho is refusing to accept daylight savings time. St. Gregory of the Mogollons has taken the example of some Midwestern communities and remains on the same time schedule through out the year. However, St. Gregory’s takes it one step further by being the only organization in town […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Dear Father Vasiliy, My priest has mentioned in passing that it might be a good idea to get an electronic picture frame and display JPEGs of icons for people to venerate on the icon stand in the center of the church, instead of buying actual icons. I told him this didn’t sound right somehow. We […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Dear Father Vasiliy, There were no Babushki today at the Divine Liturgy, but there were some people who were sitting down during the service. Would it be okay for me to remind them of the church’s rules? I’m afraid that if I don’t say anything to them, they might not realize that everybody else is […]

Walking in a Holy Russia Winter

By: Servant Martin the Mad and Handmaiden Anna the Animated (To the tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland) Onion domes are a-glistening And the children are listening For troikas in the snow Bundle up if you go Walking in a Holy Russia Winter Gone away is warm sunlight Here to stay is the frostbite […]