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Letter from Choir Director Elizabeth

11 September 2016 (N.S.) Elizabeth (“the New Martyr”) Pappas, Choir Director Orthodox Church of All the Saints of North America Takhoma Park, Maryland To the faithful of the choir: Welcome back! After our light summer of only one choir practice of only 2 hours per week, we’re back to our usual winter schedule of practice […]

Online “Orthodox” Church Draws Fire

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – Father Thomas (“No Doubt About It”) Tomkins, rector of the newly-minted Saint Pugnacios Online Obnoxodox Church, waves off criticism of his new parish. “They persecuted Paul. They persecuted Polycarp. They persecuted Ralph Hargrove –” “Wait, who?” interrupted our intrepid editor, to no avail. “But they can’t stop the movement of the Spirit.” […]

Ask Father Vasiliy

Once again we are honoured to have Fr. Vasiliy Vasileivich, official COROC* spokesman and parish priest, to answer our readers’ questions. Dear Father Vasiliy, I have noticed when waiting in line to venerate icons at my church, that some people make a little kissing “pip” noise when they kiss the icon, and some people do […]

In Idaho the Times They Ain’t a Changin’

Moscow, Idaho – A small church in Moscow, Idaho is refusing to accept daylight savings time. St. Gregory of the Mogollons has taken the example of some Midwestern communities and remains on the same time schedule through out the year. However, St. Gregory’s takes it one step further by being the only organization in town […]

December 31 Saint of the Day – Melania the Younger

On this day in 1695, a window tax was imposed in England. Many shopkeepers bricked up their windows to avoid it. Fortunately, Parliament did not impose a brick tax. Melania the Younger (ca. 383 – 439) was a member of the famous Valeri family, one of the richest, or the richest, Roman patrician family, depending […]