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Letter from Choir Director Elizabeth

11 September 2016 (N.S.) Elizabeth (“the New Martyr”) Pappas, Choir Director Orthodox Church of All the Saints of North America Takhoma Park, Maryland To the faithful of the choir: Welcome back! After our light summer of only one choir practice of only 2 hours per week, we’re back to our usual winter schedule of practice […]

December 27 Saints of the Day – Fabiola and Theophanes & Theodore Graptus

On this day in 1871 the world’s first cat show was held, in the Crystal Palace, London. The list of judged events had to be tweaked when the cats refused to cooperate in the dressage competition. Fabiola (d. 399) was a patrician, and married to a patrician (Roman patricians in those days did not marry […]

December 23 Saints of the Day – Niphon of Constantia and Thorlac Thorhallsson

On this day in 1938, the first modern coelacanth was discovered in South Africa. Newspapers called it the “living fossil” until they were sued for trademark infringement by people with outdated prejudices. Niphon of Constantia (IV cent.) was born in Paphlagonia (the topmost strip (“loin”) of Anatolia), and was educated in Constantinople, where he fell […]

December 20 Saints of the Day – John of Kronstadt and Domingo de Silos

On this day in 1820, the State of Missouri imposed a $1 bachelor tax on unmarried men between 21 & 50. The customary dowry went from being five does to one buck. John of Kronstadt (1829 – 1908) was even in childhood such a good pray-er that neighbors sought his prayers. His poor parents (I […]

December 19 Saints of the Day – Boniface the Merciful and Pope Urban V

On this day in 1922, Theresa Vaughn, 24, admitted under oath that in the past five years she had acquired 61 husbands in 50 cities throughout England, Germany, and South Africa, averaging a marriage a month. Said Vaughn, “A good man is hard to find, but you can’t say I didn’t look.” Boniface the Merciful […]